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The first guitar I ever owned and one that I will never sell.   Born in 1984 she came into my possession in 1986 when I swapped her for an very old and quite broken banjo with the local guitar store and museum.   At the time I didn't realise what a fine instrument it was.   I haven't often wondered about just how much the old banjo was worth, but the Yairi has never let me down, it has a fine sound that is getting better with age and is finely crafted.  Recently tuned by Mark from GTS (Guitar Tuning Services) it will now be good to go for another thirty years
<![CDATA[Ibanez Acoustic 1964  - Number 550]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 22:47:30 GMThttp://gregg6471.weebly.com/guitars/ibanez-acoustic-1964-number-550
A beautiful old acoustic Ibanez from 1964.   I had trouble locating any information on this guitar especially since Ibanez have reused the model number but eventually tracked it down through some old Ibanez catalogs that were scanned online.    The guitar has spruce sides and top with mahogany back and hardwood fingerboard.   I have effected some simple repairs and cleaned it up for studio use.   It has a lovely vintage tone.    Can use either steel or nylon strings but I use nylon because of the guitars age.
<![CDATA[Ibanez Art Series Bass]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 22:34:42 GMThttp://gregg6471.weebly.com/guitars/september-27th-20151Picture

A beautiful looking bass, but if you played it the way it was shipped to me from a music shop you could safely say it was the worst bass you ever played.   After a setup from Mark at GTS it is now a delight to play and has a sound an playability that does justice to its appearance.   Not being a bass player I love the short scale and it is very comfortable to play with a great tone.
<![CDATA[Torch Vintage Series Strat Copy]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 22:00:49 GMThttp://gregg6471.weebly.com/guitars/september-27th-2015
Another guitar found on the hard rubbish collection,  looking the way it looks today but not working.   Turns out someone had decided to do their own wiring, stuffed it up and then thrown the guitar away.   Torch are reported to have made the bodies for these using plywood, but I thing it looks OK and am not about to strip off the finishings to find out.    In my opinion, plywood can be used effectively on electric guitars that are mainly plugged in because it can be stronger, provide better sustain and reduce feedback.  

The Torch "Strat" also has a wonderful maple neck and this one comes equipped with Fender pickups.   
<![CDATA[Home Made Dulcimer]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 21:20:48 GMThttp://gregg6471.weebly.com/guitars/home-made-dulcimer
If you have ever wanted to be Joni Mitchell this is the kit for you;  if not then probably not.   I learned to play dulcimer in approximately thirty seconds after reading a book surprisingly called  "How to play the dulcimer".    Mastering the dulcimer is not that easy however and takes a little time and effort.   This is a home made machine bought at a garage sale for $12 it actually works pretty well, when you are after a different folksy sort of sound.
<![CDATA[Art and Lutherie Ami Parlour Guitar]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 20:56:06 GMThttp://gregg6471.weebly.com/guitars/art-and-lutherie-ami-parlour-guitar
I bought this guitar with a matching case and tuner on ebay for $50.   The picture was so bad I just had to guess that I was buying an Art and Lutherie and luckily this turned out to be the case.    I love all things from the Godin group and this is no exception it is a great guitar to grab and play or if you are heading out the door and need a guitar that can do most things beautifully.    This guitar needed very little done but I have changed the bridge pegs to ebony and added some silk/phosphor strings to warm the tone up a little

<![CDATA[Yamaha G-55a Classical guitar]]>Mon, 28 Sep 2015 03:50:47 GMThttp://gregg6471.weebly.com/guitars/yamaha-g-55a-classical-guitar
In my experience of older Yamaha guitars, even the cheapest are well made solid guitars.   The G-55a sits in the middle of the range for early 1970's Yamaha guitars and has a lovely tone.    I have a 225a which has a similar sound but a much squarer neck making this the nicer of the pair to play and it sounds great when recorded through a nice tube microphone.

Year(s) Sold:1972-74 Original MSRP(US$):$80.00 Top:Spruce Back / Sides:Katsura Neck:Nato Fingerboard:Bubinga 

<![CDATA[Great Guitar - Gibson 335 Copy ]]>Sun, 27 Sep 2015 22:23:16 GMThttp://gregg6471.weebly.com/guitars/great-guitar-gibson-335-copy
I would like to say I am kidding but the brand of this guitar is "Great Guitar".   Never-mind,  it actually is a pretty great guitar.   I bought it off a guitar tech who used it personally and had upgraded all the pickups and controls, neck etc.   All the things one would expect from a good setup.   Yes it is a Chinese copy but no I can't tell the difference between this and the Chinese Gibson copies manufactured by Ibanez or Epiphone.     It may not be a real Gibson but the $3000 I saved buys a lot of short blacks and these I consider more important to the music making process than a brand name.
<![CDATA[Seagull Plus CW Cedar]]>Sun, 27 Sep 2015 22:13:23 GMThttp://gregg6471.weebly.com/guitars/seagull-plus-cw-cedar
The first guitar I ever bought from the Godin family and this is a great guitar that are Outstanding value for money,  Canadian made, cedar top with Cherry sides and in general just plays nicely and reliably with  a lovely tone.   This one is outfitted with a dual pickup system which will soon be upgraded to an LR Baggs system.
<![CDATA[ENcore Precision Bass Copy - Customised]]>Sun, 27 Sep 2015 21:38:53 GMThttp://gregg6471.weebly.com/guitars/encore-precision-bass-copy-customised
I bought this bass in about 1992 and played it on and off until recently as it was a little clunky.  When the pickups died I took the opportunity to prep it for studio work.   I have replaced the pickups with some decent quality units, shielded the pickup cavities, adjusted the neck and given the old girl some flatwound strings that have a really nice feel and sound.   Proof that with electric guitars a little care in pickup selection and setup can have you playing a great guitar at minimal cost.